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Plant & Food Research is a New Zealand-based science company providing research and development that adds value to fruit, vegetable, crop and food products.

Our database partner

The Ministry of Health is the Government's principal advisor on health and disability: improving, promoting and protecting the health of all New Zealanders.

Food regulations & enforcement

FSANZ is a bi-national Government agency. Its main responsibility is to develop and administer the Australia New Zealand Food Standards Code. Enforcement and interpretation of the Code is the responsibility of State and Territory departments and food agencies within Australia and New Zealand. FSANZ, together with some other groups, monitors nutrients in the Australian food supply and uses the information gathered for standards development work and in nutrient databases.

Ministry for Primary Industries (MPI)

The Ministry for Primary Industries (MPI) is focused on growing and protecting New Zealand. They are responsible for enforcing FSANZ standards in New Zealand and administering New Zealand’s food legislation.

Food Information Networks

EuroFIR AISBL is an international, member-based, non-profit Association established under Belgian law. Its purpose is to develop, publish and exploit food composition information, and promote international cooperation and harmonisation of standards to improve data quality, storage and access. Plant & Food Research is a member of EuroFIR.

International Network of Food Data System (INFOODS)

INFOODS is the International Network of Food Data Systems. It is a worldwide network of food composition experts with a goal of improving the quality, availability, reliability and use of food composition data. INFOODS also operates a forum through which international harmonisation and support for food composition activities can be achieved and advocated. INFOODS is organised into several regional data centres with a global coordinator and a regional co-ordinator for each geographic zone. Plant & Food Research is the current host of the Oceania regional co-ordinator.

Within INFOODS New Zealand sits under OCEANIAFOODS (coordinated by Siva Sivakumaran from Plant & Food Research).

Other Food Composition Databases

Canada: Health Canada – Canadian Nutrient File (CNF)

Denmark: Danish Food Composition Database

Dutch Food Composition Database

Finnish Food Composition Database-FINELI

INFOODS international food composition table/database directory

Norwegian Food Composition Database

Pacific Islands Food Composition Tables

Portuguese Food Composition Database

Singapore: Energy & Nutrient Composition of Food

Swedish Food Composition Tables

United Kingdom – Composition of Foods Integrated Dataset (CoFID)

United States of America: FoodData Central (formerly USDA Food Composition Databases)


The Year 9 resources developed in partnership between 5+ A Day, Plant & Food Research and the Cognition Education Group will provide students with vital information about food and nutrition so they can make healthier food choices for life.

Dietitians NZ

Dietitians NZ contains information on nutrition-related topics for dietetic professionals and the public. Visit this website to 'Find a Dietitian' for dietary advice.

National Heart Foundation

The National Heart Foundation helps people to make healthy living choices and run programmes to encourage Kiwi heart health. The foundation supports and encourages food companies to reformulate their foods by reducing the fat, saturated fat, and salt levels as well as supporting the up skilling of caterers and foodservice workers to improve the foods they produce.

The Nutrition Society of New Zealand

The Nutrition Society of New Zealand is an organisation of qualified, practising health professionals, scientists and educators with a range of backgrounds who are bound by a shared interest in nutrition. NSNZ aims to bring together members interested in researching, applying and promoting sound nutrition. NSNZ promotes the science of nutrition, particularly the role of nutrition in growth and development, health and well-being in humans and animals.

An A to Z of vegetable information including nutritional composition.