New Zealand Food Composition Database (NZFCD) Survey

The Ministry of Health and Plant & Food Research have commissioned a review of the New Zealand Food Composition Database. The Review is surveying users of food composition data, including the New Zealand Food Composition Database products and related software, to understand how to improve current offerings and prioritise future products. New Zealand food composition data can be accessed from free-of-charge by using Online Search, the Concise New Zealand Food Composition Tables (Concise Tables) and FOODfiles. It is also available in software and App formats from commercial providers.

Your feedback is important to help future-proof NZ food composition data. We also want to hear from people who don't currently use food composition data but may want to in the future. The survey should take up to 10-20 minutes to complete depending on what tools you use.


What is the New Zealand Food Composition Database?

The New Zealand Food Composition Database – jointly owned and funded by Plant & Food Research and the Ministry of Health – provides detailed information on over 2,700 foods commonly eaten in New Zealand, including raw ingredients and formulated products made specifically for the New Zealand market. It has information on 88 Core Components, including energy, carbohydrates, proteins, fats, vitamins, minerals and dietary fibre, and data for up to 275 other nutrients/bioactives for some foods. Components are analysed by independent, accredited laboratories that also have their own quality assurance programmes in place. The majority of food records are based on New Zealand-specific products. This country-specific data allows users access to the most appropriate information about New Zealand food.

The New Zealand Food Composition Database is designed for use by government, health professionals, food companies, educators and individuals. The information is most often used for diet and health surveys, product formulation and labelling, menu and meal planning, and the provision of dietary and nutritional advice. However, food composition data are also essential for public health programmes, policy development, understanding and protecting biodiversity, running breeding programmes, and in supporting research, science, developing resources for educators, the development of technology, and the international trade in foods.

The NZFCD web interface has comprehensive search and reporting features, including information linking food composition and nutrient content claims.

The data can be accessed from free-of-charge in several ways:


This search tool focuses on the food industry and is based on FSANZ standards for food labelling, including providing information on nutrient content claims. You can also search by nutrient to find the best sources of particular nutrients or to guide product formulation. Search by food or nutrient and generate printable reports including Nutrition Information Panel (NIP).

The Concise New Zealand Food Composition Tables (Concise Tables)

Information for more than 1200 commonly consumed foods for 38 components.


Over 2700 foods with 85 components in the Standard Version and up to 360 components in the Unabridged Version.